Song and Dance


Finishing my last cup of coffee on the back stoop this morning I was trying to calm my nerves and ground myself while enjoying a bit of sun when I was visited by a mocking bird. Dancing on a branch, he sang a melodious call but also delivered a message that extends beyond their voice. Quite possibly knowing the old wives tale about the bird may contributes to me noticing them more frequently for there are far more encounters with robins and cardinals. Being highly protective of their families with an incredible observant with a wonderful ability to mimic they are at times considered a reminder to adaptable and  consider how we communicate and interact with others often reminding us to listen before we speak. They are also considered a reminder to know your talents and use them wisely.    I think the story I carry with me is the need to find our inner voice, to sing our true song, for while they mimic many others, they too have a true voice where each can be used for a different purpose. A mockingbird can sing the song of others as a means to call those into their lives they enjoy but can also flush out those that could harm them.

Wrapping up a second week which was filled with stress, fear and anxiety is this a reminder of where to find my strength? Is it a gentle nudge to defend fearlessly what is mine? Is this a hint I should consider a recent opportunity to pursue a career opportunity? I would tend to think this is a prompt to be aware of how I communicate. I have always struggled to understand what others are truly saying. Should this remind me to continue to try and understand the meaning between the words?  Is it nothing more that a bird enjoying the warmth of the sun with me?

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for…” –Harper Lee


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