A Life Unlived and a Life Lost


I witnessed an accident, the worst I had ever seen. Those images have imprinted on my mind, knowing that they will fade over time they will probably be retained forever. I have so many of those images forever established. While some are cherished, my first time I saw each of my children, the sunrise over the ocean the morning I forgave there are many that are seared in fear and pain, the scene out the window when I first realized I many never be able to leave, an fatal accident I saw as a teenager….so many that never fade around the edges.

While the images of this accident bother me; seeing the motorcycle, how the human body contorts, how the color of the clothes can change when soaked in blood. I am much more disturbed by how quickly fate can write your last sentence. How fragile life is and within a blink of an eye it can change forever. The friends and family of the man on the motorcycle, of the woman driving the car, of those who witnessed the accident they are all forever changed and all within seconds.

I find myself reflecting on the loss of my friends and family. I have seen what happens when my Aunt died and orphaned her young boys, leaving so many words unsaid. I have seen the loss of a friend, she left behind the love of her life and two amazing children; also leaving so many things undone, missed graduations, first dances, first loves, so many things she can never share with those she loves.  I have things in my heart and mind that are left unsaid and what if it were to all end? Why do we let the struggles of life make us withdraw struggling with an unlived life? Life is difficult, how can I persevere making sure my connections to others is sincere and rich with love and compassion?  How do we ensure we leave life with so little undone? How do we ensure that those we care for know it? How can we ensure the moment we are living in will leave a positive lasting imprint, leaving nothing unsaid?

“Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” ― Natalie Babbit


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