Holding Vigil


I have finally reached the end, the path no longer marked. The map I had is tattered and all that remains are the words written on my heart.

I have asked for direction but no response has arrived. So now I know not where to go, what course to abide.

Through the pray and quiet, in the stillness of my heart and soul, I am told to wait, for compassion and patience are what are needed at this time.

So I suppose I shall sit here and hold vigil waiting for the clouds to part. At this point I can only send into the world what resounds with the stillness in my heart.

For when the sun shines again I may find the answers which I need or the new inclination with which to proceed. For now I can only sit and weather the remainder of storm, holding tight to endearment and empathy.


 “We lose ourselves in things we love. We find ourselves there, too.” ― Kristin Martz


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