Character and Courage


As with everyone I have had personal struggles, this spring had been no different in that except it feels as if Pandora’s box was opened. I cannot return all those things to the box so I must face them. As any good little academic I approach it through reading and research. I have read countless journal articles, conveniently I have access to some of the academic material related to psychology and mental health as well as having visited credible webpages and innumerable blogs of both those suffering from and caring for someone with mental health struggles. Trying to understand things from all sides helps me understand so I can assimilate it into my framework.

This morning a friend posted a link about caring for someone with anxiety and I once again saw this persistent statement that it has nothing to do with courage or character. While I understand the intent of that assertion, I am unsure if believe in it’s truth. Between knowing my challenge and having seen more than one person I care deeply for  face some form of mental health struggles I think it does have a great deal to do with character and courage but possibly not in the way people often thinking.

To see someone who has such deep sense empathy and compassion that in times of struggle it is overwhelming, to experience things so deeply is a gift that may feel like a burden does speak to one’s character. To rise again to face life, especially in the midst of their struggle, to push forward in the fog of despair, to find hope in the midst of hopleness speaks volumes about their courage. To learn to face those challenges, to know your limits and to learn to speak of what you can handle and what you cannot shows a bravery that some do not possess.  To care for those in your life so much that when you are in the midst of your own battle you focus on those you care about of course speaks to compassion and kindness that is not always held by people.  There is also an immense courage in facing one’s challenges but a deeper sense of gallantry to admit to and share your struggles with another. I feel as if my words fail to express what I truly see with those who face this challenge.  I have come to realize that my appreciation for them has grown, my admiration runs deeper, and my respect is in no way diminished but has grown even greater. I hope I can be courageous enough to share this with those in my life that struggle.

Bravery hides in amazing places. ~ Kiera Cass


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