This Is Where I Leave You


I am tired, it feels as if I have fought for everything my entire life. I have fought to keep myself intact, to maintain my financial stability, to progress in my career… I am tired of it all. When I found my freedom to pursue a different life, my life I made myself some promises. I promised I would not make myself small again, that I would embrace myself, that I would ensure I was true to my convictions, to my needs. I found myself editing, not speaking for myself when I need something and I panicked. In that moment I wondered if I need to tell the world.  ‘this is where I leave you”, step back and find my center. How can I continue to navigate when I was not speaking my truth, not advocating for myself? Is this one of those times where I need to navigate the storm alone to define myself? I am tired of holding it all together, but is there another choice?

“She never stumbles, she’s got no place to fall.” –Bob Dylan


3 thoughts on “This Is Where I Leave You

  1. fighting for one’s own self makes one limited, confined, small. fighting for others makes one free, infinite and fulfilled. happiness lies in making others happy, in identifying one’s self with larger things of life that need us, in connecting with the movement of the time which needs each one us. sorry if i sound like a teacher, i do not mean to 🙂

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  2. Life is a struggle, but its a journey we don’t have to take alone. We are all on the same journey even if we take intersecting, parallel or opposite paths to one another. Be true to yourself and embrace the chance encounters of those walking paths nearest to your own. And just like Chitra said Fighting for others is a liberating and fulfilling endeavor. Wonderful piece by the way and I enjoy your writings. It makes one think and that is good.

    Ray Barbier

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